Crypto foundations are designed to further the decentralization and evolution of a project. By providing support without direct involvement, crypto foundations ensure that the decentralized by one single entity. 

Blockchains are not created in a void and some degree of centralization needs to occur for a project to launch. At launch, a for- profit entity is almost always the catalyst for the project’s creation. 

Foundations are responsible for the development  and support of a blockchain but do so in passive or parallel ways. This decentralized approach to blockchain development has provided a pseudo- safe haven for developers to continue building without a token becoming a security.

  1. Objectives
  • Promote Cryptocurrency: Increase public awareness and understanding of cryptocurrencies
  • Support Development: Provide resources and support for cryptocurrency developers.
  • Regulate Practices: Establish guidelines and standards for cryptocurrency usage and trading.
  1. Activities
  • Educational Programs: Conduct workshops, seminars, and courses to educate the public about cryptocurrencies
  • Research and Development: Support research initiatives to improve cryptocurrency technologies.
  • Policy Advocacy: Work with regulators to advocate for fair and effective cryptocurrency policies.
  1. Benefits
  • Asset protection, tax advantages, and confidentiality.

4.  Capital

In Panama: 10,000 USD

In Swiss: CHF 50,000

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